What are your thoughts regarding the Second Coming of Jesus? As Seventh-day Adventists we believe that Jesus will come again, but how soon? How do Adventist church members around the globe feel about the Second Coming of Jesus. Are they anticipating His Return in their lifetime? Do you believe He will come soon?  
Have you ever wondered, if your commitment to Adventist education is really worth it? As Adventist parents, we want the best for our children's development physically and spiritually. When we look at Adventist education, are there measurable benefits for our children, besides receiving an education? Today's blogs will answer some of these questions. 
Do Adventists build strong relationships within their families? Do they attend or facilitate religious activities? What does the data from the 2018 Global Church Member Survey tell us about our Adventist families?
You may have been ask what generation  Adventist you are and how large your congregation is that you attend, but have you ever wondered about the average size of an Adventist church congregation on the global level? We are a worldwide Church and thanks to the Meta-Analysis Report, which is now available online, we can answer questions on many aspects of our church life. Today's blog focuses on the report and how it can be useful to leaders and you.
A couple of months ago, the General Conference hosted the 2019 Nurture and Retention Summit – gathering over 100 church leaders from around the world to discuss issues related to retaining and nurturing Adventist church members. This blog is especially looking at the importance of "Building Healthy Relationships with Members and Former Members", which was the title of Dr. David Trim's presentation.
The concept of the Trinity has long been debated and can be confusing at times. Today's blog looks at data that shows how current Adventists relate to and understand this subject.
God created the heavens and the earth. Did He really do that in six literal days? Today's blog compares data from 2013 to the newest data collected in 2018 on how Adventist view the concept of creation.
How much are Adventists involved in their churches? Are they participating in outreach activities? Are they active in their communities? 
Are Adventist church members satisfied with their local churches? Are they committed to the Adventist Church?
So, do Adventists drink alcohol or smoke tobacco? And why shouldn't they? In honor of World No Tobacco Day this blog examines fresh data on tobacco and alcohol consumption from a global survey of Adventist church members. 
In view of Mother's day, we look at church members worldwide and their relationship with their parents in light of new data from a 2018 survey. 
As part of the 2018 Global Church Member Survey (GCMS), church members around the world were asked about their diet...what did they say?
To what extent do Adventist Church members embrace the Health Message? 
As a church, it is time to remove the stigma associated with mental illness. 
Do SDA church members embrace the Sanctuary doctrine? Moreover, do they truly understand it? 
Unfortunately, there has been a decline in the number of church members engaging in family worship over the last five years...
Consider the importance of Sabbath School preparation and participation: are SDA church members taking advantage of this opportunity for spiritual growth? 
Today, we look at more data from the Global Church Member questions about one key SDA Fundamental Belief: the state of the dead. 
In comparison to other Christian denominations, Adventists have a unique perspective on death. Most other denominations believe that a person—or at least their soul—goes to heaven when they die. What do Adventist believe? And to what degree do church members worldwide understand and embrace this belief? 
The seventh-day Sabbath is one of the key pillars of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and is one of the beliefs that sets it apart from other Protestant denominations. What do SDA church members worldwide report about their experience with the Sabbath? To what degree do they embrace this fundamental belief? 
If Christ is a central part of our lives, then celebrating Christmas is an extension of that relationship and a celebration of the beginning of Christ’s earthly mission.
This week we look at some fresh data from the 2017-18 Global Church Member Survey! What do SDA church members worldwide say about their Bible reading and devotional practices? 
The Global Church Member Survey (GCMS 2017-18) commissioned by the General Conference examined various aspects of members’ experiences within the Adventist church. One area that was surveyed was exposure to EGW/the Spirit of Prophecy. What does the latest GCMS data tell us about access and exposure to the work of EGW within our large SDA community? 
A 2014 report titled Leaving the Church examined different elements of former Adventists’ relationship with and departure from the Church. According to this study, almost two thirds (63.5%) of respondents left the church when they were young adults.What can be done about this alarming trend?
What percentage of SDA Church funds come from tithe? How has this number changed over the last five years? How much has it fluctuated since 1870? Today, we look at an encouraging trend in tithe-giving with the help of the recently published  2018 Annual Statistical Report. 
Whenever we seek to reach those who are part of another culture or faith, it is vital that we follow Christ’s example of meeting people exactly where they are before bringing them to faith. A recent presentation by Greg Whitsett (director of the Center of East Asian Religions and Traditions) examined ways to do just that when working in a Buddhist society.
As Seventh-day Adventists, we have placed all of our bets on Jesus’s second coming... Given how much attention, talk, and planning go into this effort of reaching the whole world we must ask ourselves—how are we actually doing?
In a previous blog we examined factors that motivate people to give to church missions. However, one might ask, what are the barriers that prevent members from giving?
While most Christians would likely say that their faith has nothing in common with Islam, the truth is there are some commonalities.
There’s no doubt about it: education is often an indicator of the trajectory one’s life will take. As Reggie McNeal writes in his book Kingdom Come: “...No other endeavor covers as much of the human landscape as education. 
When the rubber meets the road, how do church members perceive their pastor is doing when it comes to these traits? Is he or she demonstrating the characteristics of a “good” pastor?
Adventists have a unique model of ministry. They use many methods – including those outside the four walls of the church – to bring new members to Adventism and win hearts for the Lord.
Can a local church prevent the loss of young people and ensure that they feel more connected to church?


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